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About Us

We founded Moon River Brewing Company based on our obsession with creating the ideal restaurant and brewery experience for you. Striving for this ideal, we are committed to providing you with three basic services.

We are dedicated, first and foremost, to providing you with a comfortable and relaxing environment with prompt and cheerful service.

Secondly, we are committed to serving you a delicious variety of freshly prepared foods. Our kitchen is a melting pot of diversity, offering a range of dishes from simple comfort food to eclectic gourmet cuisine.

Finally, we are undeniably passionate about serving great beer.

Whether you are new to Savannah or just passing through, you’ll find a warm atmosphere and a great selection of food and spirits. We can accommodate a large group of your friends or an intimate table for you and someone special.

Either way, Moon River Brewing Company is a great start to your next great time.